How to Submit

by Naomi Peh Haeger

Email us your work:



  • Please send short fiction (up to 1500 words). We might stretch to 2000 words max if your piece has stunned us. You may send another if you feel it’s better: we’ll only publish the best the of two.
  • Ensure that your name, title and word count are in the header of your document (doc./docx or PDF).
  • Up to five poems of reasonable length, please. You’re not Chaucer!
  • Ensure that your name, title and line count are in the header of your document (doc./docx or PDF).
  • Do you have something that’s dreamy, otherworldly and mystical? We want it! If you feel there’s something speculative about your work that doesn’t fit the above section, send it in. Still not sure? Please see our inaugural issue for some ideas.
  • Please send up to three pieces of art, no more than that.
  • All images must be high quality JPG or PNG: other formats will be rejected. JPGs should be in RGB mode. The maximum file size is 10Mb. We would recommend uploading images of at least 2000 pixels wide or high (whichever is the largest dimension). At a minimum, they should be no less than 800px x 800px at 300 dpi.
When You’re Ready to Submit
  • Please send us your submission from one category: either send us a short story or poem or art. E.g. don’t submit one short story and one piece of art in one submission window.
  • In the header of your email, type this: SUBMISSIONS: [Genre] Title – Name. E.g. SUBMISSIONS: [Fantasy] Tales from Earthsea – Ursula K. Le Guin.
  • Please provide a bio in third person (if you wish), as well as a brief summary of your work so readers can swiftly grasp your concept in your email’s body. Make sure your summary is 50 words max.
  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted as long as you update us on its acceptance elsewhere. We don’t accept simultaneous submissions for the time being. Please ensure the work you’re submitting isn’t also being submitted elsewhere.
  • We welcome international works in languages other than English, as long as a translation is provided. We won’t be able to publish without an English translation of your work.
Other Considerations
  • You may submit previously published works provided you cite the where, the when and the how.
  • We retain First Serial Rights. Once we’ve published your work, the rights revert to you, the artistic genius. We only ask that you wait three months before submitting elsewhere, then you’ll be free to turn print it on toilet roll or tattoo it on your body – whatever makes you happy.
  • Speculate This is open to people of a variety of backgrounds, however, the minimum age is 18.
  • Sadly, we can’t pay you for your contributions, but we’re working on changing this. The good news is: we don’t charge for entries nor do we make money from any submissions. This is a non-profit press run by volunteers.

Content Warnings

While we don’t want to dampen creativity here at Speculate This, there are some boundaries you must adhere to. Please be mindful of sensitive topics by using trigger warnings and ensuring your grisly content isn’t gratuitous. Anything too offensive will not-so-spontaneously combust in our pile.


  • Pretend you’re over 18 when you’re just a sapling.
  • Send us work across the categories per submissions window. Greedy!
  • No pasting work in the body of the email: it’s not a pretty sight.
  • Please try and submit within the time frame.
  • Spam us with your art portfolio. We just want one piece of speculative art.
  • We’ll do our best to provide feedback, but please don’t be offended if we can’t. While we believe in giving everyone a chance, the team are all volunteers and may be unable to spare the time.
  • Try not to be discouraged if we say no. Every writer begins with push backs against their writing: utilise it and submit again when you feel you’ve improved.
  • Plagiarism. Let’s not besmirch the literary community. In submitting to us, you’re promising that the work is yours and doesn’t infringe on others.
  • Attacks on our staff won’t be tolerated. Let’s maintain a warm and relaxed atmosphere.
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